Holistic treatment with the rosadog dog health diary

rosadog supports dog owners in documenting all relevant health factors such as digestion, nutrition, weight or well-being. Our dog health diary provides an overview of all symptoms and the course of treatment.

benefits of our dog health diary for animal naturopaths and nutritionists

Allergies and exclusion diets

  • Exclusion diet made easy!

  • Fast tracking of itching, redness or digestive problems possible

  • Exact documentation of feed and feed changes

  • Clear evaluation of the symptoms on a scale from 1-5

Medical history and symptoms

  • Clear list of the dog owner, when and which symptoms occur (e.g. digestion, itching or stress)

  • Pre-existing illnesses and permanent medication can be registered by the dog owner

  • The dog owner can create a weight curve

  • Feeding can be recorded on a specific date

Feed changeover

  • Together with the dog owner, you can plan the change of feed with just a few clicks

  • Feed and supplements can be entered precisely

  • Accompanying symptoms can be clearly tracked

Course of treatment

  • It can be entered exactly which homeopathic medicines or nutritional supplements must be given

  • The dog owner can easily document the course of symptoms

  • This makes it possible to quickly understand how well a dog is reponding to the treatment

Unspecific symptoms

  • Dog owners may experience symptoms and other factors before the appointment

  • Comprehensive documentation of important factors facilitates diagnosis


  • rosadog enables dog owners to send important symptoms clearly summarized to the naturopath or to bring them to the appointment

  • With just a few clicks, the dog owner can send you the current symptoms as a PDF to keep you up to date

“I recommend rosadog for dogs (and also cats) that have allergies or complex and protracted illnesses. Clearly documented symptoms help us veterinarians to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. I also find it very helpful that it is easy to monitor how patients react to the treatment and how they develop over the long term. Great for dog owners and veterinarians!


Veterinarian from Munich

How can you recommend rosadog to your customers?

Your customers can register directly here on the website with just a few clicks and free of charge. You are also very welcome to try out and use rosadog.

Link rosadog on your website and ask your customers to document symptoms and other health factors before the appointment.

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