From dog owners for dog owners – the dog diary for caring dog owners

How did we come up with the idea for our dog health diary rosadog?

Our English Pointer Rosie came to us from Spain when she was about 1.5 years old. She had a lot of health issues with numerous symptoms such as itching, incontinence and diarrhea. While we were nursing her back to health, we not only had to go to the vet frequently, but also document the course of her illness precisely: measure the pH of her urine, note when she has diarrhea, is incontinent and how well she is gaining weight.

It was quite difficult to keep an overview and document everthings in a precise order. We searched for digital solutions that would help us but couldn’t find anything that fit our needs.

Thus, we decided to take things in our own hands, the idea for the rosadog dog diary was born – an easy-to-use dog diary with calendar and evaluation graphics. 

The rosadog team

We are dog lovers with all our hearts and have been for many years.



Software Development & Conception

Julian is a passionate software developer and grew up with many dogs. His first dog was the Greyhound mix Gala.



Conception, Business & Marketing

Leonie worked in innovation management for several years and loves dogs. Her first dog was the Romanian mixed breed Ricky.



Feelgood Manager & Inspiration

Rosie is an English Pointer and is originally from Spain. She loves to run or to lie comfortably on the couch. Typically Pointer, she is always in a good mood and ready for any nonsense.

Why do we want to develop a dog diary for every dog ​​owner?

In conversations with numerous dog owners, we noticed that not only we have a dog with many health problems. There are a lot of dogs with, for example, allergies, thyroid diseases, joint problems or even diabetes. The diagnosis was usually tedious and a strain for both the dog and the owner. We have therefore launched rosadog to help as many dog ​​owners and dogs as possible. Our solution is rosadog, an easy-to-use digital health diary for caring dog owners.

Our vision

We want to digitize all health-related factors relating to dogs. Together with dog owners, veterinarians, trainers, homeopaths and nutritionists, we want to enable efficient and successful treatments and consultations that improve the health and well-being of dogs.

Our mission

We want to enable dog owners to easily and clearly document all relevant factors relating to health, well-being and training. With clear documentation and evaluations, we help veterinarians, trainers, homeopaths and nutritionists to make symptom-based, comprehensive and informed decisions.

We are always open to feedback or suggestions. Write to us directly or fill out our short survey. Thank you!

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