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Everything at a glance with rosadog.

With our dog health diary you keep track of all important symptoms, allergies, well-being and training of your dog.

 Many dogs suffer from weight problems.

Regardless of whether your dog is too fat or too thin, this can have negative consequences for its health in the long term.

It is therefore important to keep an eye on the weight of your four-legged friend. It is best to weigh your dog regularly and record the weight in rosadog. So you can quickly see whether your four-legged friend is losing weight or weight. If you write down food and digestion at the same time, this will help you and your vet to draw conclusions about the overall health of your dog.

Is your dog gaining weight or weight unintentionally? Then talk to your vet about possible causes and treatments and write down all the important factors in rosadog.

Your dog’s digestion is arguably one of the most important health indicators.

With rosadog you can record how your digestion changes with just a few clicks. Regardless of whether your dog has diarrhea or nausea, you will find the right choice in rosadog.

If you note down your dog’s digestion in rosadog, you can determine regularities or relationships (e.g. with the food or medication).

Does your dog have digestive problems? Then it’s best to download your entries from rosadog and take them with you to the vet. So your vet can see exactly when and how often your dog e.g. Has had diarrhea and what other factors have affected your dog.

Why should you measure your dog’s temperature and write it down in rosadog?

  • Your dog’s body temperature is an important indicator of wellbeing
  • The temperature should be measured regularly, especially in chronically ill dogs

Talk to your vet if you are unsure whether your dog is over or under temperature! 

Why should you write down what your dog ate?

  • So that your dog does not eat too much or too little
  • If your dog gets sick, you can see if there is a connection with the feeding
  • So that you have it ready quickly when your vet asks about it
  • So that you can better organize a feed change

For example, what can you write down?

  • Make a note of the composition, ingredients and amount of the main food
  • Make a note of which and how many treats your dog gets and what is included Make note of other chews

Talk to your vet about which factors you should write down in rosadog!

Does your dog get medication regularly?

Then write in rosadog when your dog received which medication.

Whether worming, antibiotic or nutritional supplements – if you make a note of exactly when your dog got what, you always have an overview and can see whether the symptoms get better.

Most of the time it is not that easy to remember exactly when you started taking the medication and after how many days your dog was better. With rosadog that won’t happen to you anymore!

Many dogs have fur problems or ear infections. It is not uncommon for food allergies to trigger itching, redness, dandruff or even loss of fur.

With rosadog you can record exactly when your dog shows which symptoms and in which intensity. For this purpose, we have specially stored a scale from 1-5, so that you and your veterinarian can exactly track when symptoms get better or worse.

This is especially helpful if you have to follow an elimination diet.

Has your dog been scratching a lot lately or has red spots? Then write everything down exactly in rosadog and show it to your vet!

If you’ve only recently adopted your dog, then everything is probably new to both of you. Many little things first have to be practiced and often trained in small steps. This can range from driving a car to calling you back.

Perhaps your dog is also afraid of certain everyday situations and you are slowly working to solve them?

Sports activities such as jogging together or dog sports are also gradually built up.

In so many situations it is important to proceed step by step and to note the successes, but also the difficulties.

In rosadog you can easily enter everything and follow exactly what progress you are making. It is not uncommon for problems in training to be related to health problems. Listlessness or susceptibility to stress can have physical causes. Therefore rosadog is a diary that covers both health and training.

In the event of training difficulties, physical causes should therefore always be clarified.

Writing down both health and training issues can help you, your dog trainer, and your veterinarian identify possible causes. Talk to your vet and dog trainer about the problem. They can also best recommend which factors you should note down in the rosadog diary!

Of course, you can also document many other factors in rosadog, such as heat cycles, veterinary appointments, lameness, injuries or training goals.

If you have any suggestions for new functions, please fill out our short feedback survey!

rosadog users

Miri with Osito

“I like to use rosadog for my dog ​​Osito, because the app gives me a good overview of possible incompatible feed. I can also make a specific note of when he is working as a therapy dog ​​or when we train for it. This way I keep always an overview of his training and can plan better in the interests of my dog.”

Franzi with Mila

“My French bulldog Mila suffers from numerous allergies. With rosadog I keep track of your current symptoms and can track improvement in the course of treatment together with our veterinarian. I find it particularly helpful that I can enter the prescribed medication and tested food types and assess corresponding intensity of itching and coat condition!”

Anna with Anouk

“rosadog helps me to keep an eye on the health of my dog ​​Anouk. With chronic intestinal disease, back pain and hypothyroidism, there are several factors that I have to pay attention to. With rosadog I can easily keep track of how Anouk is doing with which medication, whether she is losing weight or has recurring indigestion.”

Olivia with Doxie and Platon

“Our dogs are both still very young and fortunately don’t have any major health problems. Therefore, I mainly use rosadog to document my Doxie’s heat cycles or if there are minor ailments. We also note down all training progress in the diary and send it via the PDF function to our dog trainer.”

Do you want to use rosadog?

Easy handling

  • easy and quick to use
  • enter symptoms, food or training within a few seconds
  • regardless of whether you are on your mobile phone or on your PC, rosadog is optimized for both applications

More efficient veterinary visits

  • exact documentation
  • better diagnostics
  • optimized veterinary visits
  • with our dog diary, you can show your vet an overview of all symptoms and use it to track how well your dog is responding to the treatment

“I recommend rosadog for dogs (and also cats) that have allergies or complex and protracted illnesses. Clearly documented symptoms help us veterinarians to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. I also find it very helpful that it is easy to monitor how patients react to the treatment and how they develop over the long term. Great for dog owners and veterinarians!


Veterinarian from Munich

Perfect for your dog

  • rosadog helps you and your vet to recognize early on whether your dog is sick
  • many symptoms are difficult to assign individually
  • with rosadog you can compare all the important factors

Do you still have questions?

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